ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack

ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack

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Product details of ZENOTRI Scalp Care Start Pack
(For Dandruff, Itching, Seborrheic Dermatitis Scalp Shampoo Artificial Fragrance Free 300ML + Scalp Essence 25ML)
[Released based on Genetic Analysis]
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  • KKM Certified (NOT No.:190400929K & 190308159K)
  • Direct Imported from Korea. (Certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea. / KFDA)
  • Selected by Korea hair loss clinic hospitals and professional hair loss care clinics.
  • Located at the most top department stores in Korea. (Shinsegae, Lotte, Hyundai department stores and CJ Mall)
  • 100% authentic exclusive products
  • BENEFITS / SCALP CARE SHAMPOO (S-1 Ccomplex System) 300ML
  • Hair loss prevention solutions by genetic analysis.Hair scalp care for strong scalp.Outstanding cleansing performance by culturing the micro-organisms in the hands (in daily life) on a medium.
  • BENEFITS / SCALP CARE ESSENCE (S-2 Complex System) 25ML
  • 3 Steps Scalp Care System of ZENOTRI Scalp Care Essence
  • 1. MO-Cure System: Reduce scalp inflammation with excellent anti-bacterial, sterilizing effects.
  • 2. Cell-Cure System: Excellent cell regeneration capabilities to repair damage scalp.
  • 3. Barrier-Cure System: Restore scalp with excellent moisturizing effects.
Special Scalp care shampoo and treatment essence by supplying the ingredients based on genetic science and nature, to hair root reduce dandruff and itching by improvement of scalp condition.

Main Ingredients:
Scalp Care Shampoo (S-1 Complex System): Biotin, Dexpanthenol, Zinc Pryithione, Niacinamide
Scalp Care Essence (S-2 Complex System): Biotin, Dexpanthenol, Tea tree extraction, Zinc Pryithione, Niacinamide

Recommended for Male and Female
Best solution for scalp dandruff and damaged scalp
Seborrheic scalp, Dandruff scalp, Itching, Sebaceous scalp

1. Scalp Care Shampoo (S-1 Complex System)
With improved anti-fungal effects, this product specializes in dandruff, itching and seborrheic dermatitis. 
ZENOTRI S-1 Complex System, composed of the core ingredients (Biotin, Dexpahthenol, Zinc Pryithione and Niacinamide) provides a user with a feeling of stability and scalp improvement within a short period of time.
Using raw material (preservative) used for baby wipes, the product has increased safety.
Gives herbal fragrance without adding artificial fragrance and pigments with EWG classifies as dangerous ingredients.
Scalp dryness is minimized through an optimal ratio of surfactants.
Containing 21 natural ingredients (mixed at a high concentration) supply nutrition for scalp, the product provides excellent cleansing performance, low stimulus, and nutrition at the same time.

2. Scalp Care Essence (S-2 Complex System)
ZENOTRI S-2 Complex system, consisting of the core components (EGF, Dexpanthenol and Tee tree), resolves the problem of severe scalp problem that has not been solved by shampoo in a short time.
With excellent antibacterial and germicidal action, the MO-cure system restores healthy scalp from scalp inflammation.
With excellent cell regeneration, the Cell-cure system restores healthy scalp from damaged scalp.
With excellent hydration, the Barrier-cure system makes healthy scalp.

How To Use:
Scalp Care Shampoo / S-1 Complex System
Soak the hair with warm water.
Put an appropriate amount of shampoo onto the hand and massage the hair thoroughly and wash out thoroughly with warm water.
For Scalp Care Essence / S-2 Complex System, apply the essence to all areas where troubles such as dandruff, itching and inflammation the scalp.

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