UPIS Sponge Nipple Brush
UPIS Sponge Nipple Brush
UPIS Korea

UPIS Sponge Nipple Brush

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1) Dual sponges with 2 textures
2) Superior German sponge
3) Anti scratch
4) Wide sponge
5) Ergonomical sponge brush holder
6) Non-slip rubber grip

Product Details
•  Nipple brushes to clean scratch-free with dual sponges that generate rich and silky foam
•  Dual sponges with two textures: The sponge with fine texture gently contacts the bottle and wipes off contaminants.
•  The scrubber sponge provides rich foam while removing old contaminants.
•  Superior German sponge : Using high-quality sponges imported from Germany with enhanced excellent durability.
•  Anti Scratch : Sponge brushes do not scratch the bottle, so the bottle will remain hygienic longer.
•  Wide sponge : Its size makes it suitable for cleaning a wide bottle.
•  Ergonomics swivel brush holder : Designed to be easy to use, the brush holder rotates 360 degrees for easier cleaning.
•  Non-slip rubber grip : Rubber grip provides a firm and comfortable grip when in use.

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