Joielle Baby Oil + Joielle Chest & Tummy Rub (Combo)

Joielle Baby Oil + Joielle Chest & Tummy Rub (Combo)

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Joielle Baby Oil 250ml
Allow your touch to stimulate their growing senses. Use a little of our wonderful Joielle Baby Oil when you massage your little angel after every bath to ensure properly hydrated, baby soft skin. Using only natural herbal essences, the oil easily seeps into the skin and helps regulates the hydrolipid balance to enable perfectly moisturised skin.


Joielle Chest & Tummy Rub 60g
The Joielle Chest & Tummy Rub is made to comfort your baby in digestive issue and reduce tummy aches, Our gentle formulation with Eucalyptus & Peppermint will soothe and ease the nasal congestion

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