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BioElement Healthy Bentong Ginger Enzyme Drink 400ml

BioElement Healthy Bentong Ginger Enzyme Drink 400ml

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BioElement Healthy Bentong Ginger Enzyme Drink 400ml

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* Consult your doctor prior to consuming this product if you are on medication, pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

Product Description

✅预防感冒及增强免疫力 文冬姜酵素可发汗驱寒,因此可以用来纾解感冒、伤风、咳嗽等症状。此外,酵素促进新陈代谢,提高食物分解和营养吸收率等来调节身体,帮助增强免疫力。

✅促进血液循环 属于温性饮品,可促进血液循环,补气养颜,女性饮用可以改善手脚冰冷的症狀,或是缓和生理期不适现象,因此适合体质虚寒、废墟气短、面色苍白和贫血的人食用。此外,妈妈们在产后食用文冬姜酵素调理身子,达到驱风排湿的作用。

✅健胃整腸 文冬姜酵素能暖胃健,可促进消化、改善肠胃胀风、治疗肠胃发炎、纾解消化不良等症状。

✅助阳之品 姜能加快人体新陈代谢、通经络等作用,常用于男性保健,对肾虚也有一定的治疗作用。姜还可以调节前列腺机能——在控制前列腺血液黏度等方面具有重要作用。

✅止呕的功用 姜最著名的疗效是用來治疗消化系统。做为內服药剂时,姜能夠刺激唾液酵素的分泌,促進胃消化食物。因此,姜常被用于治疗各种状況的晕眩及反胃。另一項研究显示,姜可防止妇科手术后的呕吐。

✅抗发炎 姜醇类成分还具有抗发炎的功效,能有效地对抗关节炎。此外,姜酵素还能舒缓风湿疼痛和腰酸背痛等症状。

✅抗衰老 姜所含的姜辣素有很强的抗氧化效果,能帮助活血养颜,减少脂褐素的沉淀,预防老年斑。


  • 证实它拥有4大类活性分解酵素◾淀粉分解酵素 ◾蛋白质分解酵素 ◾脂肪分解酵素 ◾纤维素分解酵素

  • 不含添加剂和有害物质 ◾重金属 ◾甲醛 ◾有机溶剂 ◾防腐剂

  • 不含霉菌和致病菌

  • 富含4大有效成分 ◾总类黄酮 ◾6-姜酚 ◾姜黄素 ◾总抗氧化力

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Product Description
[High-purity, all-natural, Bentong Ginger Enzyme]
is fermented with natural Bentong ginger juice, without any artificial additives, colors and preservatives. Bentong Ginger Enzymes contain curcumin, zingerone, gingerol, etc., which are rich in nutrients and active compounds that have great benefits for the body and brain. The fermented Bentong ginger enzyme is more easily absorbed by the human body and achieves ideal health care effects.

✅Prevent colds and enhance immunity Bentong Ginger Enzyme can sweat and drive away cold, so it can be used to relieve colds, colds, coughs and other symptoms. In addition, enzymes promote metabolism, improve food decomposition and nutrient absorption rate, etc. to regulate the body and help strengthen immunity.

✅Promoting blood circulation is a warm drink, which can promote blood circulation, nourish qi and beautify the face. Women can drink it to improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, or ease the symptoms of menstrual period discomfort, so it is suitable for people with deficient constitution, shortness of breath, pale complexion and anemia edible. In addition, after giving birth, mothers consume Bentong Ginger Enzyme to condition their bodies and achieve the effect of expelling wind and dampness.

✅Antivomiting function The most famous effect of ginger is to treat the digestive system. When taken orally, ginger can stimulate the secretion of salivary enzymes and promote the digestion of food in the stomach. For this reason, ginger is often used to treat various conditions of dizziness and nausea. Another study showed that ginger prevented vomiting after gynecological surgery.

✅Anti-inflammatory Gingerol also has anti-inflammatory properties and can effectively fight arthritis. In addition, ginger enzymes can also relieve symptoms such as rheumatism pain and low back pain.

✅Anti-aging Gingerol contained in ginger has a strong antioxidant effect, which can help promote blood circulation and beauty, reduce the precipitation of lipofuscin, and prevent age spots.

The product has been tested by the Organic and Health Food Testing Laboratory of Chia Nan University of Pharmacology, Taiwan

  • It has been confirmed that it has 4 types of active enzymes: ◾ Amylolytic enzymes ◾ Proteolytic enzymes ◾ Lipolytic enzymes ◾ Cellulolytic enzymes
  • Free of additives and harmful substances ◾Heavy metals ◾Formaldehyde ◾Organic solvents ◾Preservatives
  • Free from mold and pathogenic bacteria
  • Rich in 4 active ingredients ◾Total flavonoids ◾6-gingerol ◾Curcumin ◾Total antioxidant power

If you have any questions, please contact us! WhatApp: +6010-368 7141 (KBS)


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