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Kid Baby Boy Girl Safety Bumper 2M Strip, Soft Foam Desk Edge Table Corner Protector

Kid Baby Boy Girl Safety Bumper 2M Strip, Soft Foam Desk Edge Table Corner Protector

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  • Shock proof rubberม free adhesive tape. (long type 2 m.)
  • High flexibility, water and oil resistant, softy, adjustable and durable.
  • Prevent cause from hitting.
  • Flexible and soft.
  • Big type and thick
  • Strongly glue.
  • Hint, if you want to take it off, use the heat from hair dire, it can easily remove without any strain.
  • Your problem will be unbelievable disappear.
  • Shock proof rubber foam very safety for your baby
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Softy
  • Easy to remove
  • Durable
  • Mommy! I’m hit it again
  • Your baby will get hit easily when they walking near closet or table, it may cause dangerous for your baby anytime
  • Closet
  • Television table
  • Home chair
  • Taking care of dangerous for your baby
  • Prevent damage from hitting. We suggest you to putting shock proof rubber foam on every of your furniture
  • Shock proof rubber foam, made from high quality so mommy can reliable, safe for baby when they bite
  • High flexibility and softy
  • No need to worries about getting hit with environment friendly made from “NBR” material. Great for relieving the pain
  • Huge size and bulky
  • Wider shock proof rubber foam size for your baby safeness
  • Sticky and last long
  • Capable to connect on table corner perfectly. No any strains left when remove
  • Tips. If you want to remove just using heat from hair dryer, it will easier to remove without any strains left
  • Strongly sticky glue
  • Unbelievably problem solving for your baby
  • Modifiable, suitable for table, chair, television table, bookshelf and many more. Be able to adjusting for your furniture shape
  • Be able to clean by hand wiping
  • Oil and stain resistant just by slightly wipe
  • Oil stain resistant
  • Water resistant


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