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US Baby, always baby— US Baby ® is a licensed brand of American US Baby Corporation.

      With baby-oriented business philosophy and continued pursuit of innovation, US Baby is committed to providing more professional and safer products for babies and manufacturing a variety of products for pregnant moms and 0~3-year-old babies. Backed by its professional team, US Baby has achieved much in the field of baby supplies. In 2003, US Baby established US Baby (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, striving to make the professional and quality baby products go international. US Baby focuses on the needs of babies and moms and keeps manufacturing safe baby products to give babies the best care.

      US Baby always brings babies the best to help them grow healthily. In recent years, it has been repeatedly reported that plastic nursing bottles of some brands contain “bisphenol A”, cancer-causing substance. The innovative silicone intelligent technology of US Baby meets the moms' stringent safety requirements. The patented US Baby anti-colic wide-neck silicone bottle is fully made of medical supplies-grade platinum silicone materials, able to resist heat up to 310℃ and better in quality than the plastic nursing bottles in the market. It has been tested for zero carcinogenic bisphenol A content (compliant with European EN14350-2 standards) and has passed the three major toxicity tests under international ISO 10993. In addition, US Baby silicone pacifiers and soothing pacifiers outmatch those pacifiers made of common silicone and latex materials in quality, giving babies more comprehensive and safer care.

      In addition, US Baby pays attention to every detail of babies and aims at guaranteeing best care to babies. Its original pacifier, which is characterized by multi-ring design to leave no tongue fur, effectively prevents the formation of tongue fur and frees moms and babies of trouble. The nursing bottle with safety UFO-shape straw effectively avoids the danger of immediate suffocation due to improper swallow. US Baby is even stricter with the development and production of baby cotton products and selects suitable materials to meet national standards.

      As a professional baby supplies company, US Baby series products are trusted and loved by moms in many countries. US Baby adheres to the principle “US Baby, all about care” and continues to develop high quality products to meet the needs of moms and babies.

      Safety is the primary guarantee of baby supplies! US Baby constantly develops quality products and has passed a number of national and international inspection certifications.