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BioElement Healthy Turmeric Enzyme Drink 400ml

BioElement Healthy Turmeric Enzyme Drink 400ml

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BioElement Healthy Turmeric Enzyme Drink 400ml
(姜黄酵素健康饮品 400ml

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* Consult your doctor prior to consuming this product if you are on medication, pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

Product Description


✅对肝脏疾病有效: 姜黄有促进胆汁分泌的作用。胆汁可帮助营养吸收,处理有害物质,因此胆汁分泌旺盛,则会调节肝脏整体功能,从而改善肝脏疾患。曾有酒精肝病患者,嚼食生姜黄半年肝功能恢复正常的例子;另外根据有人B型肝炎大致恢复后感周身不适,便每天早晨饮一杯姜黄根水,持续一个月后病症消失。除此之外,姜黄中含有的姜黄素可在酒精的代谢中发挥卓越的作用,让酒精分解时产生的乙醛(造成酒后“宿醉”的代谢物质)分解速度增加一倍半。因此,姜黄最适合于喜好饮酒的人。

✅天然抗癌剂: 姜黄素所具有的抗癌作用引人注目。据报告称姜黄素对成为癌症等疾病病因的活性氧有抑制作用。另外,据美国最新报告表明,姜黄素也可预防肾癌。

✅对炎症有效: 姜黄素具有抑制炎症的作用。可促进风湿病、神经痛产生部位的局部荷尔蒙的分泌,以抑制炎症。

✅对过敏体质者有效: 姜黄里的桉油精及姜黄酮等精油成分有强力的杀菌作用,而且姜黄素有去除活性氧的作用,因此对先天性过敏及鼻炎等病患者是有效的。

✅调理肠胃,减少胆固醇: 姜黄中的桉油精可以促进胃液及唾液的分泌,从而改善消化系统疾患。便秘患者除了出现皮肤粗糙等美容问题外,还可能血压上升,动脉硬化。姜黄中含有食物纤维,有效解除便秘外还可以吸附胆固醇从肠中通过。另外,姜黄中的精油成分和苦味成分可以吸收血液中的胆固醇,对动脉硬化等疾病有预防和改善作用。

✅预防心血管疾病 食用姜黄素不但能降低“坏”胆固醇,还能抗动脉粥样硬化,具有保护血管作用,同时在改善血管微循环等方面都有重要作用,以预防心管疾病。

✅预防老年性痴呆症: 老年痴呆症是由于β淀粉蛋白在大脑堆积的,形成斑块导致神经受损,从而破坏人脑的思维能力。姜黄素有助于刺激免疫系统,进而分解β淀粉蛋白,并有效地防止这种蛋白在神经节上沉积。


  • 证实它拥有4大类活性分解酵素 ◾淀粉分解酵素 ◾蛋白质分解酵素 ◾脂肪分解酵素 ◾纤维素分解酵素

  • 不含添加剂和有害物质 ◾重金属 ◾甲醛 ◾有机溶剂 ◾防腐剂

  • 不含霉菌

  • 富含4大有效成分 ◾总类黄酮 ◾6-姜酚 ◾姜黄素 ◾总抗氧化力

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Product Description
[High Purity, All Natural, Turmeric Enzyme]
It is fermented with natural turmeric juice and black pepper, without any artificial additives, pigments and preservatives. Turmeric is rich in flavonoids, gingerols, antioxidants, curcumin and other substances such as protein, dietary fiber, niacin, vitamins C, E and K, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc, so in addition to being used in cooking, Turmeric is also used to treat and prevent various conditions. Curcumin is the most important active ingredient in turmeric to exert its pharmacological effects. The addition of black pepper to turmeric and the fermentation process make it easier for curcumin and other nutrients to be absorbed by the human body, thus achieving a more ideal health care effect.

✅Effective for liver diseases: Turmeric has the effect of promoting bile secretion. Bile can help absorb nutrients and deal with harmful substances, so the strong secretion of bile will regulate the overall function of the liver, thereby improving liver diseases. There was an example of a patient with alcoholic liver disease who chewed raw turmeric for half a year and his liver function returned to normal. In addition, according to some people who felt unwell after having recovered from hepatitis B, they drank a glass of turmeric root water every morning, and the symptoms disappeared after a month. In addition, the curcumin contained in turmeric can play an excellent role in the metabolism of alcohol, and the decomposition rate of acetaldehyde (a metabolite that causes a "hangover" after drinking) produced when alcohol is decomposed is increased by one and a half times. Therefore, turmeric is most suitable for those who like to drink.

✅Natural anticancer agent: The anticancer effect of curcumin is eye-catching. It has been reported that curcumin has an inhibitory effect on reactive oxygen species that are the cause of diseases such as cancer. In addition, according to the latest report in the United States, curcumin can also prevent kidney cancer.

✅ Effective against inflammation: Curcumin has the effect of inhibiting inflammation. It can promote the secretion of local hormones at the site of rheumatism and neuralgia to suppress inflammation.

✅Effective for people with allergies: Essential oils such as eucalyptol and turmeric in turmeric have a strong bactericidal effect, and curcumin has the effect of removing active oxygen, so it is effective for patients with congenital allergies and rhinitis.

✅ Regulate the stomach and reduce cholesterol: The eucalyptol in turmeric can promote the secretion of gastric juice and saliva, thereby improving digestive system disorders. In addition to cosmetic problems such as rough skin, constipation patients may also have increased blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Turmeric contains dietary fiber, which can effectively relieve constipation and also absorb cholesterol from the intestines. In addition, the essential oil components and bitter components in turmeric can absorb cholesterol in the blood and prevent and improve diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

✅Prevent cardiovascular disease Eating curcumin can not only reduce "bad" cholesterol, but also resist atherosclerosis, protect blood vessels, and play an important role in improving vascular microcirculation to prevent cardiovascular disease.

✅Prevent Alzheimer's Disease: Alzheimer's disease is caused by the accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain, forming plaques and causing nerve damage, thereby destroying the thinking ability of the human brain. Curcumin helps stimulate the immune system, which in turn breaks down amyloid beta and effectively prevents this protein from depositing on ganglia.

The product has been tested by the Organic and Health Food Testing Laboratory of Chia Nan University of Pharmacology, Taiwan.

  • It has been confirmed that it has 4 types of active enzymes: ◾ Amylolytic enzymes ◾ Proteolytic enzymes ◾ Lipolytic enzymes ◾ Cellulolytic enzymes
  • Free of additives and harmful substances ◾Heavy metals ◾Formaldehyde ◾Organic solvents ◾Preservatives
  • Free from mold
  • Rich in 4 active ingredients ◾Total flavonoids ◾6-gingerol ◾Curcumin ◾Total antioxidant power

If you have any questions, please contact us! WhatApp: +6010-368 7141 (KBS)


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