Family Travel Tips: Sharing about the Sunflowers Garden

Family Travel Tips: Sharing about the Sunflowers Garden

As part of a family oriented online store with personalized services. We would like to introduce this unique garden for family outings. Just sharing about our recent visit to the sunflower plantations in Malaysia. Now you and family can just enjoy the same experience in Bagan Datuk, Perak. 

This sunflower garden is located in Bagan Sungai Burung and offers visitors a beautiful panorama with more than 1,000 sunflowers during peak season. Do make sure you are visiting during the right timing to witnessing the beauty of sunflowers.

Here visitors can take pictures with the giant sunflower plants and enjoying other activities such as feeding fish and ducks; or take photos at all the other unique places like Ladder to Heaven, wind mills, nests, swings etc. We are sure you whole family will enjoy the beauty of the natures.

Beside of the flower garden in Bagan Datuk.  In this fishing village also offer you with great seafood meals in the nearby various restaurants you can choose from. Whereby you can also book a family tour with the local tour agent to see the sky mirror, blue tears, eagle feedings and fireflies as well to explore the eco-tourism in this region.

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