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  • Kementrian kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) certified. (NOT No.:190400928K & 190308158K)
  • Direct Imported from Korea. (Certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea. / KFDA)
  • KimberlyBabyStore is ZENOTRI's Authorized Online Store Seller in Malaysia.
  • All online store products are selected by Korea hair care clinic hospitals and professional hair loss care clinics.
  • Products located at the most top department stores in Korea.(Shinsegae/Lotte/ Hyundai department stores)
  • 100% Authentic and Exclusive. Genetic Hair Care Solution to prevent postpartum hair loss.
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The causes of Postpartum Hair Loss
1. Hormones
hair loss occurs mainly under the influence of hormones. After birth, female hormones decrease to find balance of hormones, which slows down hair growth and weakens the hair roots.
2. Parenting Stress
Parenting means that you can't get a good night's sleep and your own time is lost.  If your stress index continues to rise, your immunity will drop and your hair will thin and loss strength.
3. Nutrients Imbalance
Mothers often fail to eat properly to care for their babies and are prone to
nutritional imbalance.  In addition, many postpartum diet to limit the diet too much, the hair needs a lot of nutrients, if the body does not supply enough nutrients easily fail out.

Do you know how ZENOTRI's Genetic Hair Care Solution can prevent postpartum hair loss?
  • After giving birth, the level of the female hormone estrogen drops sharply. Hair loss, one of the symptoms of postpartum, begins at 3 months after birth and lasts 6 months, most of which return to their original condition. However, if the hair loss is severe after that, it is likely to be postpartum hair loss.
  • These conditions include a variety of causes, such as stress caused by caring for babies when anemia occurs due to excessive bleeding during childbirth, insufficient nutrition while postpartum cooking.
  • Many mothers may experience severe hair loss, leading to postpartum depression.
  • Postpartum hair loss can be prevented if you have proper eating habits and take care of your scalp.
  • Use ZENOTRI's hair care products such as scalp shampoo or follicle shampoo, and reduce scalp stress with massage.

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