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As a US Baby ambassador, KimberlyBabyStore will provide new parents with more up-to-date informative tips about taking care of baby. Do read our blogs from time to time for our additional values to you.  Together with US Baby Experts we deliver you some Q & A about parenting tips.

1. What is the function of the bump on US Baby soothing pacifier pull ring?

The bump on the US Baby soothing pacifier pull ring functions for teeth strengthening, which is an additional function and is good for relieving gum acid and itch feeling in teething.

2. Will a soothing pacifier induce fetishism?
Using a soothing pacifier in the right time will not induce fetishism. Blindly prohibit a baby from using the soothing pacifier will impact their physical and mental development, thus resulting in pessimism and wincing behavior. If your baby gets used to sucking fingers at the oral stage, the bacteria in fingers are prone to influence the development of upper and lower jaws, even the shape of finger, skin and nail will deform due to long-term sucking.

3. How to choose an appropriately-shaped soothing pacifier?
US Baby pacifiers are designed according to a variety of simulation breasts and have different functions. After you make a careful comparison, the final decision is up to your baby because they have their own preference for shape. If your baby rejects the soothing pacifier once and again, you might as well change to a different-shaped soothing pacifier.



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